About Washington Partners

Founded in 1999, Washington Partners and its professionals specialize in providing intermediary services for lower-middle market business owners who are contemplating exit or growth strategy opportunities. Our experienced mergers and acquisition specialists provide insight and strategies as to when the right time to sell is and whether or not the company is ready to sell.

We offer various services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, valuations, and transaction consulting.  Our client base has included public and private companies, investor groups, and management buyout groups throughout the world.
Our mission at Washington Partners is to provide our clients the necessary tools and information that will form the vital strategy to successfully sell a lower-middle market business for maximum value.
For each business owner, we will prepare a customized marketing strategy that presents the business to potential buyers while keeping strict client confidentiality.
Utilizing our access to thousands of buyers who are actively seeking to acquire lower-middle market companies, rest assured we will do what it takes to get the most for your business.