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  • Divestiture Strategies
  • Structuring & negotiating transactions

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  • Exit strategy planning
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  • Coordinating closing related activity
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Buyer Services for Acquiring Florida & US-Based Businesses

Washington Partners is a leading global boutique/niche mergers & acquisitions firm specializing in lower-middle market mergers and acquisitions. Founded in 1999, Washington Partners is a valuable asset for buyers looking to acquire privately held companies through acquisition, management buy-in/buy-out or recapitalization.

Our diverse selection of acquisition opportunities comprise a broad range of industry sectors throughout the globe with a focus on sourcing new investment opportunities for the benefit of private equity firms and corporate buyers on both a retained and non-exclusive basis.

Main Street Business
Lower-Middle Market Business

Seller Services for Selling a Florida Business

To most business owners, knowing how to sell a business is often unfamiliar territory.  Washington Partners specializes in assisting clients through the conflicting emotions, financial questions of selling a business.  Washington Partners will be an advisor throughout the process and keep all parties on track.  Through the planning, search, deal making and closing, the experienced team at Washington Partners will be there to make sure the deal gets to the closing table.

There are many options available to a business owner including a  buy-in/buy-out or recapitalization.

Recapitalization is more often an attractive alternative to an outright sale of a business since it enables the company’s owner to diversify their personal wealth while continuing to retain ownership of the business.

Distinguishing between the numerous private equity firms in the marketplace is extremely difficult for a private company.  Many private equity firms are highly experienced and capable of closing transactions but others may not be.  The risk and reward to the private business owner is very high.

If you have ever thought about selling or growing your business, now is the time to talk with us. Washington Partners provides lower-middle market companies with comprehensive merger and acquisition services and our specialized team has experience in advising many client companies in their acquisition, divestiture and recapitalization objectives.

Because we maintain many close relationships with strategic buyers and investors, both domestic and internationally, we confidentially and efficiently introduce your company to those investors that are the most appropriate for the clients’ needs.

Washington Partners closes a significant portion of transactions that are represented on the sellside by investement bankers, business brokers, or other M&A intermediaries.  As a result of years of close relationships with lower-middle market private equity firms, we feel our knowledge of their portfolios, investment criteria and new investment initiatives are unequaled.

We strongly encourage sellside advisors to keep us aware of new engagements as we often are able to introduce strategic and financial buyers of a high caliber.

Connecting Businesses for Sale with Private Equity

The private equity industry is intensely competitive and success is clearly determined by investing in the right companies.  While all private equity firms source their own deals, many rely on firms such as Washington Partners to find acquisition targets. Washington Partners’ experience in valuing a selling privately-held lower-middle market companies provides a valuable resource to private equity firms looking to enhance deal flow.

Washington Partners’ experience in valuing and selling private lower-middle market companies brings buyers and sellers together and assists buyers in achieving their acquisition goals.

1. Research
Research, identify and refine prospect list
2. Contact
Make exclusive contact on your behalf with the target company
3. Present
Present company background and operations report (financials, EBITDA, add-backs)
4. Participate
Participate as needed in transaction